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Dialab Oy – Fine Art printing since 1984

Dialab is a family own company established in 1984.
We are a professional printing lab specialising in fine art and photographic printing and archival mounting. 

We are known for our high quality and reliability.
We offer fast, flexible and personal service. 

Our product range is from photo displays, exhibitions and outdoor advertisement to home decoration.

Our office is located in Helsinki / Sörnäinen, next to kalasatama metro hub.


What kind of originals do we print from?

We print digital files, paper prints, paintings, drawings, negatives, slides, etc.
Printing digital files without any extra charge.
Other originals need to be scanned or reproduction photographed.
We can scan or repro all type/size of originals.


Without any fixed sizes pricing is usually rounded up to next even 10 centimetres.
For example:  For a 21x21cm print we charge for a 30x30cm price.
If you want mounted prints, the price depends on the material used; Paper quality, mounting board, possible laminate, frames, passe-partout, etc..

If you are not an expert, hesitate no more! Let us guide you choosing the suitable product for your home, an exhibition, the office, summer place or as a gift. We are more than happy to help!

Further inquiries and offers call us +358 40 831 3000 or mail us to: tarjoukset@dialab.com

How big can I print my photos?

Even professional photographers occasionally struggle with the question of just how big can they blow up their images.
How big you can print your photos depends on a couple of factors.
First, how much information (photo data) is there?
Second, Image sensor quality, lens quality and camera setting
Third, what material will the photo be printed on and what is the topic of your print?
You can send us your file and ask if is the quality ok for the size that you want.

Here are some guidelines how big you can print from digital camera files if you have right setting in your camera.

  • IPhone 5s 100 x 75 cm
  • Nokia Lumia 1020 180 x 100 cm
  • Panasonic DMC-GX7 120 x 90 cm
  • Nikon D800 180 x 120 cm
  • Canon EOS 5D Mark III 180 x 120cm


Paper prints, drawings and paintings

Its case-by-case how big enlargements you can make from paper prints, drawings and paintings.
For example, image of Forrest you don´t see small detail faults but in portrait you will see even smallest scratches, pixels edges, etc.


Fine Art printing methods.

We offer two different methods to make fine art prints:

1) Photographic C-type Lambda-prints are made by exposing light onto colour paper, which is then developed RA-4 process and washed using traditional photographic techniques.

2) Giclée is the process of making fine art prints using Epson ink-jet printers.
We use Epson Ultrachrome HDR inks and a range of high quality papers.

Dialab is the only Hahnemühle certified studio in FinlandMore info

Both methods produce fully archival fine art prints.

In addition we have eco-solvent, solvent, latex, flatbed and sublimation printers for different fabrics, direct printing to boards, wallpapers, etc..



Archival mounting is a process of mounting a print or photograph to a material that will not degrade over time and where the print will not suffer degradation due to the mounting process.
We use a PH Neutral adhesive mount film, making it compatible with sensitive FineArt papers. Materials such as FOREX and HDF contain acids and by-products that will break down over time. Dibond, Aluminium and Silisec® are fully archival.
For home use 2mm Dibond-mounted prints are great choice.


Protective Laminate

Laminate is a protective film that is applied to your print, helping to minimise damage to your print from scratching, UV rays and fingerprints.

Laminating prints used to be standard in a gallery exhibition, allowing the print to be carefully cleaned with a damp lint free cloth.
This however has changed last couple of years, with both galleries and artists realising there are both pros and cons to having your print sealed.
We offer different laminates, but don't necessarily recommend them


Colour management

The primary goal of colour management is to match all cameras, screens and printers so you can be sure that your picture will print as it looks in your computer screen.
For screen calibration we use Spyder4Elite Display calibration device.

To get high quality prints from us you don´t have to understand colour management but it helps.
You can drop by to our office and check the pictures before printing with our guys.
We will help you to get everything out from your files.

Sending images to us

Orders and smaller files ( less than 5mb per email) tuotanto@dialab.com

For bigger files we recommend free services:

www.sprend.com / www.wetransfer.com

Paper prints, slides, drawings and painting you can send us via postal service or drop by to our office on weekdays 08.00-16.00


Delivery times

Prints 2-3 working days
Mounted prints 5-7 working days
Exhibition prints 7-10 working days



Private customers: cash/credit cards/advance payment
Business/union/Sole traders we can also send invoice


Colour adjustments

We will prints customer’s files just the way they are if otherwise told.
Without any extra charge we can make small colour corrections to you prints.
Tell us what you want (vivid colours, high contrast, etc.)

File should have some colour profile; Adobe RBG is ideal for printing.
If the file is in untagged RGB we try to choose profile where the colours look natural.

We can make watermarked test prints in small size or as 1:1 size test strips.

Test prints will cost 10-20 euros, depending of paper type.



Basic printing information: 

  • Colour space RGB / CMYK 8/16 bit
  • Files can contain pictures /text / graphic
  • File types: TIF/JPG / EPS/ PSD / PDF/ RAW
  • Fonts must be converted as curves or attach in the files
  • If you want specific colours, tell us PMS of the colour
  • If you have sample of colour, bring it with you.
  • Slide film is always printed as slide is exposed if otherwise told.

Lambda prints

  • Ideal file resolution: small prints 300-400 ppi. Large prints 100-200 ppi.
  • Material width 127 cm .

Epson Giclée prints

  • Ideal file resolution 240-360 ppi.
  • Material widths vary from 61cm to 162cm.

Solvent, Eco-solvent, Latex, sublimation and flatbed prints

  • Ideal file resolution 100-200 ppi
  • Material widths vary from 50cm to 500cm


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