Fairs / advertising / shop decoration

lotterybox to www.koiravalokuvaus.fi

lotterybox to www.koiravalokuvaus.fi

We offer high quality prints for exhibition stands, shops and office premises.
Of finished products, we have been producing among other things:
branded wheel of fortune, ice cream stalls, seating cubes, truck advertising, giant beams, dance podiums, car hoods and break-dancing platforms.

Prints have been used in branding old coolers, refrigerators, desks, tables, speakers, truck containers, bicycles, pillows, etc.

Made in Finland wall mounts +  douple-sided blockout-fabrics.

Wallpapers from Juha Myllymäki photograps.

Roll-papers to www.titimadam.com exhibition stand.

Fairs / promotions:

Pop-ups, textile walls, counters and display stands
Labels. Floor stickers and printed rubber floor mats
Beach Flags
Advertisement cubes, draw boxes and a wheel of fortune
Different shaped plates and product magnifications.
Posters, flyers and business cards
Kapa / VISCOM / reboard structures (chairs, boxes, totems, shelves)


Window stickers

Siskot exhibition stand ( spennare textile) in railway station

Shop Advertising:

Mounted prints, wallpaper and light cabinets
Cut out logos, and human figures
Fire exit signs
Floor and window decals
Fabrics for windows, used as space dividers, blinds
Hangers, banners, posters and signs



Helsinki Core Trainers wall stickers - www.coretrainers.fi

PVC vinyls.

Other products:

Band backgdrops
Background fabrics for photo studios, movies and concerts
Background fabrics for theatres, including backlit scenes
Speaker hole vinyl’s for festival use.


We sell products from the following manufacturers:






If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact our customer service.

best selling roll-up models.

package includes the body, prints and the transport box.

package includes the body, print to microbacklight and the transport box.

package includes the body, print to microbacklight and the transport box.

Magnet Frame

Expolinc Brochure Stand Double.