Large format prints / outdoor advertising

We produce prints for outdoor advertising as well as business premises.
All our materials are high quality and long life.
We offer: vinyl, mesh vinyl, flags, banderols and various fabrics, as well as weatherproof boards.

Marimekko vinyl

Marimekko vinyl


PVC vinyl GSM 430/500 cm / Fire classification B1
Flexible and strong vinyl that is very durable. Also available in opaque
Use: Banners, billboards, bridge railing ads, facades.

Latex vinyl GSM 450/250 cm / Fire classification B1
Better colour rendering than PVC vinyl.

PVC Mesh-vinyl, 275 g / 500 cm / Fire classification B1
Strong and lightweight material. Also available as Speaker version.
Use: Banners, billboards, bridge railing ads, facades.

The flag fabric, 117 g / 250 cm / Sublimation / Fire classification B1
Thin and translucent polyester flag.
Use: Flags, hangers, as a backdrop in a theatre stage.

Micro Backlight GSM 270/250 cm / Sublimation / Fire classification B1
100% polyester canvas, which is almost wrinkle-free. Flexible.
Also available two-sided.
Use: Flags, bands backgrounds, background fabric, hangers, curtains, banners, textiles

Matt knit 205 gsm / 250 cm / Sublimation / Fire classification B1
100% polyester fabric is suitable for banners and in-store advertising.

Satinette 115g, 200cm / sublimation / Fire classification B1.
Thin translucent satin fabric with metallic luster. Also available two-sided
Use: Flags, hangers, curtains.

Digitex opague 310 g / 310 cm / Fire classification B1
Opaque. Possible to print double-sided
Use: Fair, blinds, hangers

Pes Display, 210 g / 500 cm / Fire classification B1
Smooth non-fraying fabric.
Use: Banners, Band background fabrics, a description of backgrounds

Light tex, 280 g / 500 cm / Fire classification B1
Smooth canvas vinyl, suitable for light commercials.
Usage: Indoor banners, as a backdrop for a theatre stage, outdoor advertising.

Tafetta 55 gsm / 150 cm / Fire classification B1
Light transmitting by crumpling resistant material.
Flags, banners, curtains

Vinyl floor mat 1700gsm / 200 cm / Fire classification B1
Very durable, 3mm thick vinyl mat.
Use: Fairs, lounges, gym mats.

PVC vinyl

PVC vinyl

Eco-solvent printing materials

Epson eco-solvent prints are nickel-free.
For outside use prints will last without lamination UV light for up to 1.5 years.

PVC vinyl, semi-matte. 500gsm / 160cm Fire classification B1
Use: Outdoor Advertising, the edges of a stage.

Mesh vinyl ( vinyl with small holes ) / 160 cm
Use: Outdoor Advertisements. Lets through the wind.

Blue Back Paper, matte finish. 120g/160 cm
Use: Election Ads, campaign posters. For outdoor use (up to 3 months).

Eco Satin 200 gsm. / 137 cm
budget, satin-finish poster paper for advertising use.

Block Popup / 90 cm
Really thick and rigid light-blocking material.
Use: Cooler hides, curved structures for fairs.

Matte Sticker 120 gsm. / 137 cm.
Permanent adhesive, grey background (can be laminated).

Glossy Sticker 80 gsm / 137 cm
Permanent adhesive, white background (can be laminated).

Thick glossy sticker 170 GSM / 155 cm
Weak adhesive, white background.

Clear sticker / 137 cm
Clear, transparent, self-adhesive, printed without the white colour.

Frosted Sticker 137 cm
Suitable for shop windows. Light transmitting (can be laminated).

EasyDot stickers glossy / matt / 137cm
Easy to install and remove, white background.
Use: Short-term campaigns, promotions and car Election Ads.

EasyDot clear, frosted sticker / 137cm
Easy to install and remove, transparent background.
Great product for window advertising and car sales.

Special laminated floor sticker / 135 cm
Wear-resistant flooring adhesive.
Available in either a removable EasyDot version or permanent adhesive.
Use: Exhibitions and short-term promotions.

We also offer the following materials: sewing, heat-sealing’s, eyelets, edging strips, Snap-On mouldings, edge reinforcements and aluminium profiles.


Flatbed materials:

Muotoon leikattu kapalevy.

Muotoon leikattu kapalevy.

FOREX-foam PVC / 2-10mm / 203X305 cm / Fire classification B1
White, durable and non-flammable B1 PVC.
Forex can be cut in different shapes
Application: Signage, outdoor advertising, information boards.

Dilite / Dibond ® / 2-3mm / 150x305 cm / fire classification B2
Aluminium composite plate with PE-core, aluminium surfaces.
Suitable for long-term outdoor use.
Dilite can be cutted on different shapes
Dibond ® Class B / EN 13501-1 fire classification.
Application: Signage, outdoor advertising, information boards

Viscom 10, 19, 40 mm / 200x300 cm / fire classification E
White, matte plate with a polystyrene foam core.
Extremely rigid yet lightweight plate.
Viscom can be cut in different shapes.
Use: Outdoor Advertising, exhibition walls, actual human size cut figures.

KapaPlast 5/10 mm / 203X305 cm
Acid-free polyurethane foam. Plastic-coated surfaces.
Moisture resistant.
Kapa can be cut into different shapes
Usage: Exhibition Stands, shop decoration and promotion indoors.

The cell plate of 5 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 16 mm / 205x600 cm
Light cell plate is a cost-effective alternative.
The material is recyclable and can be disposed by incineration.
Cell plate can be cut into different shapes.
Use: Outdoor Advertisements, put ads, stadiums ads.

Range of other materials available upon request

Gunilla Helve, Mother Earth.

Gunilla Helve, Mother Earth.

We also print to customer's own boards.