SMOOTH - Acoustic Panels

SMOOTH is a new and innovative, framed acoustic panel.

SMOOTH panels provide excellent acoustic properties combined with a durable and high quality print surface.

SMOOTH CMYKIE-panels manufactured in Finland.

SMOOTH is easy to mount on the wall with a hanging solution built into the frame.

SMOOTH panels are dust and lint free and are made out of fire resistant materials.

SMOOTH panels are available in two sizes: 70x100cm / 100x150cm.

SMOOTH Panels can be ordered from your own files and starting from 24.07.2017 you can also order Smooth Panels from Chi Modu´ s & Henrik Schütt´ s photographs.




Panel sizes:

S - Dimensions: 1000x700x38mm ( with frame 1060x760x55mm )
Weight: 1,5kg / with frame 4,5kg

M - Dimensions: 1500x1000x38mm  ( with frame 1560x1060x55mm )
Weight: 3kg / with frame 5,5kg

L - Dimensions: 2800x1500x38mm ( with frame 2860x1560x55mm )
Weight: 9kg / with frame 17,0kg.
This Size is coming up for sale inSummer 2017



Surface fabric: DECOMESH fabric

Acoustic material: Open cell foam 35mm

Backplate: 3mm Polypropylene honeycomb board

Frame: Black wood frame 18x53mm


SMOOTH PANEL prices from your own file / MODU&SCHUTT

S 495,00€ (from your own file)    /   860,00€ (Modu&Schütt)

M 750,00€ (from your own file)  /  1245,00€ (Modu&Schütt)

L 1850,00€ (from your own file)  /  2600,00€ (Modu&Schütt)